Exploring the Parental Experiences in the Media: A Qualitative Analysis of Articles Written by Parents of Children with Autism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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parents, autistic children, content analysis, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Aim: This paper presents a qualitative study of the experiences of parents raising children with autism, as reflected in the media. The study aimed to explore the lived experiences of parents of children with autism and the challenges they face in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Methods: A content analysis of 20 media articles featuring parents of autistic children was conducted. The articles were selected from a range of sources, including newspapers, magazines, and online news portals.

Results: We identified four major themes: supports, education, spousal relationships, and future. It should be noted that these themes are often intertwined.

Conclusion: The findings highlight the importance of providing support and resources to parents of children with autism, as well as the need for greater awareness and understanding of the challenges they face. The implications of these findings for policy and practice are discussed, and suggestions for future research are presented.


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