Review of "Physiological psychology" by Vladimir E. Trajkovski

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“Physiological psychology” authored by Prof. Dr. Vladimir E. Trajkovski, represents a pivotal contribution to the field of physiological psychology. The Publisher is Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje and it was published on September 29th in Skopje. This is first edition of the book, which is printed in B5 format with ISBN 978-608-238-235-7.

This textbook, the first in the Macedonian language, elaborately explores the biological bases of behaviour. The book's scope extends beyond mere academic interest, serving as a valuable resource for students and professionals.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone fascinated by the intersection of psychology and physiology, demystifying how our biological mechanisms shape behaviour. It's a great educational resource, particularly for students and professionals in psychology, neuroscience, and similar fields, because of its exhaustive exploration of physiological psychology. From the workings of the sensory systems and the dynamism of motor functions to the neurological and cognitive complexities, the book clarifies human behaviour's roots. This book is a great candidate for readers seeking to enhance their knowledge of physiological psychology.


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