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Scientific publishing in the Republic of Macedonia analysed with artificial intelligence

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Scientific publishing, Republic of Macedonia, artificial intelligence


Aim: The aim of this study was to present current scientific publishing activity of the Republic of Macedonia analysed with artificial intelligence.

Methods: This analysis was performed with the artificial intelligence platform during March 18, 2024.

Results: In the Republic of Macedonia, in 2023 were published 770 publications with closed, 432 with bronze, 200 with hybrid, 805 with gold, and 61 with green access. In the same year, a total number of 27,418 citations were recorded, with the biggest number of collaborations with United States. Total number of researchers that have published articles in 2023 was 2,550, with local co-authors of 2,268, and with international co-authors of 1,027.

Conclusion: The power of artificial intelligence for analysis of scientific publishing is very sensitive and can be used with precautions because of the limited electronic availability of scientific data, as well as of the different inclusion and exclusion criteria for analysis.


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